Welcome to Portcullis Virtual Management

We are a business development and commercial solutions practice but with a difference

It is your need that dictates our costs

We are transparent, open and honest with a proven track record at the highest levels in our respective disciplines.

What we offer is simple and straightforward. Our skills and experiences are honed out of a combined professional life of many decades, working with people and organisations at every level in our public and private sector society.

We listen to you

We gain a firm understanding of your need, work with you to meet your challenges, guide you to succeed in your endeavours and eliminate barriers to success.

We will help you satisfy the most discerning of client needs

We will develop you AND your people

We will help you with your policies, practices AND your culture

The measure of OUR success is YOUR success

Are we different? Yes, because we actually enjoy what we do. Honesty and integrity are fundamentals of who we are. We will be challenging when required. We do not shy away from difficult situations. In fact these are what have shaped us through our professional lives. The breadth of our knowledge, experience and expertise of people and problem solving is extensive.

We have a strong work ethic and values, so often absent in modern life. We have impeccable personal and professional profiles. We share our experience and intellect by empowering our clients to achieve their personal and professional ambitions and aspirations. We are diverse in our ways of thinking and operations.

We are winners, ambitious, pragmatic, creative, resourceful and innovative and will make a difference. Customer service is part of who we are and what we do. If we promise something, we will deliver it.  We will be with you when it is tough and there to celebrate when you succeed.

If we cannot help we will say so

Look at our services and the ways we can help you become successful, safe and reassured.